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Base Master Modules:

Accounting & Finance Module: It is one of the Base modules which provides e-Invoicing with GST Integrated to Chart of Accounts. Define your Fiscal Periods & Setup multi-branch Organization with ease.

Sales & Purchase Module: Keep your Vendors and Customers under one-roof. Track your Purchases and Sales with analytical accounting and estimated future figures.

Warehousing & Drop-shipping: Manage your Multi-branch warehouses with advanced Inventory control. Setup automated Drop-shipping & In-line Pickups. Create your own rules and actions for customer and partner transactions.

Manufacturing Module: This Module lets you monitor and manage all your Manufacturing operations with ease, Right from Raw Materials & it's Procurement to Consumption & Finished product you can seggregate your work-flow in to multiple stages and provide custom actions and policies, all these can be customized according to your own operations.

Human Resource & Payroll Module: Oranize and manage your Employee's Database, Setup Appraisal system, Generate Employee Payslips based on Roles & policies, Integrate Payroll to your Accounting system. Access to Employee Portal for Payslips, Leave application and other escalations. Biometric Integration available to attendance management.

Document Management System Module: Vintula DMS allows your entire organization's data stored structurally on cloud. Define Access roles & permissions to every single object according to your profiles & policies. Integrate DMS via Web-Dav to employee workstations.

Secondary Add-on Modules:

Marketing Module: Setup New Campaigns & surveys for your organization, Convert Leads to Sales, Integrate with Google Analytics to track your campaign in real-time.

Point of Sale Module: Vintula POS supports most 3rd party hardware vendors and enables you to manage your virtual & hardware Cash registers and Integrate the same to your accounting module. Empower your Retail chain with Vintula Point of sale module to increase Effeciency and Reliability.

Mailing List Module: The advanced Mailing List module lets you to setup new campaigns to reach & expand your customer base. Be it for acuiring new customer (or) send routine emails to your existing customers, this module handles all. selected.

Project Management Module: An Advanced Project & Task Management module allows you to plan and execute your organization projects in staged manner giving you full control over the project.

Support system Module: A built-in support system module to interact with your Customers (or) Partners with multiple escalation levels. Publish your F.A.Q's (Frequently asked questions), setup multiple departments and hierarchy to handle & troubleshoot tickets.