Product Details

Professional Services (or) Independent Consultants

The trend of Professional consultancy services is changing in modern world, where individuals are being recognized of their potentials rather than invisible in an organization. Some of the Top rated Professional services are still unmanaged & un-organized, Vintula plays a major role in handling such poorly managed consultant's business with performance driven models.

Our tested solution works well for law makers, architects, doctors & Bankers. In a data analysis simulation, Vintula outperformed their existing system & 47% of increase in Time-Revenue stats were recorded.

If you are a independent consultant, it is time you try our product & plug-out the leakages in your business, below are some of the points to convince you, why our product is suitable for your business:

[#] Simple & easy to use performance-driven model
[#] Highly cost-effective compared to other ERPs in market
[#] Easy to Integrate with many various Industry applications
[#] Robust & scalable application using modules for different industry standards.
[#] Cloud-based solution for centralized application access & Database storage
[#] High Encryption data security & RAID based data protection
[#] Maximum uptime & user transactions
[#] Zero Investment on hardware infrastructure, storage & security
[#] cloud-based data mirroring & backups
[#] Easy to use graphical interface
[#] 24/7 Support from CSS team
[#] fully customizable application depending on client's requirement