"RAZOR" Tailor-made CRM Solution

    RAZOR is a Fully Customizable complete tailor-made Client Relationship Management to satisfy exact needs for various Industries. Some of the Industries where RAZOR is used are: Banking & Finance, Hospitals & Healthcare, Automotive & Manufacturing units, Govt. PSUs & Retail & more ...

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    "Spectra Series" Hardware Firewall

    A Unique Firewall which includes state of the art Intrusion Prevention system filtering every single packet from entering your corporate Network. The Robust & Hard-core Firewall also acts as Router & Proxy Server supporting Multiple WAN Networks with Redundancy & Backup.

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    Pent Eye - Ultimate Video Conferencing Suite

    Meetings, Conferences, Classrooms all under one suite with your Own Branding for your Organization is now available in Pent Eye.




    AI enabled - Cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning System

    We have 300+ Modules built for your organization which are fully customizable. Design your own workflow and setup your ERP system according to your needs.



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    SPECTRA PLUS - Dual WAN Firewall

    Spectra Plus is a Dual WAN Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall which has state of the art Intrusion Prevention system filtering every single packet from entering your corporate Network.

    PENT EYE - Video Conferencing

    Prepare for the next advanced Team Meetings in full High Definition. Incorporate Pent Eye as your own application under Private Label & Custom Branding for your Organization.

    RAZOR - Sales & Marketing Modules

    Razor CRM application provides sales, marketing, and support modules along with some powerful tools to efficiently and effectively collaborate in getting ideal customer experience.

    VINTULA - Advanced Gantt charting

    With Gantt Charting on-board, view your customized Timeline of events and transactions in any outlook. Quickly produce Bar, Line and Pie charts based on values.

    VINTULA - Time & Task Stats

    Advanced Stats Manager in Vintula will let you prepare detailed real-time reports anytime, this functionality lets you get back to the right scope of work you wish to handle.

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Vintula is a very robust Enterprise Resource Planning System. The performance is excellent and system management (installation, backup and updates) are easy. We are very happy on how we have worked together with the Pentosys team to enhance Vinutla features (enhancing the reporting module, and building a Contract Management Module). The fact that Vintula is scalable application is a big advantage for us.
N K Parekh - Vice Chairman

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