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User Access Control List:

Vintula features a flexible user rights management that allows you to specify granular access to the system. User access are defined using Roles and Rights. Roles act as groups which you can use to organize users, while rights specify access rights for each role.

Add role:

To add a new role, click on the Admin icon in the header icon bar (only for users with adminstrator rights), than select the Create icon just left to the admin icon and choose New Role. Give the role a name and provide an optional description. Tick the Active button to enable the role. To add an existing user to the role, press Role Members button and select the user you want from the person drow-down menu. Then Save the new role when you are done.

Define rights:

Next, you have to specify rights for the created role. Click on the rights tab (submenu Rights & Roles within the Admin area) and select the role. Using the the extensions drop-down menu to choose the modules you want to specify rights for each of them by ticking the appropriate checkboxes. Also, by selecting more than one role you can see how the rights settings compare to different roles.