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Team Meetings:

Pent Eye offers Fully Encrypted & Secured Meetings to your organization under your own branding. No Cap Limits on Participants. High Definition Video Conferencing which supports both Group & Private chats. Pent Eye provides Android & IOS Apps for Mobile phones and Web based access via your browser for desktops.

Private Rooms and Workspaces:

Pent Eye provides High Definition Private Conference Rooms which supports end-to-end Encryption giving you complete Incognito mode. Create any number of Private Rooms with no cap limit on participants.

Live Streaming on youtube:

Conduct Webinars & other events and stream directly on youtube. Pent Eye offers lag-free exclusive network to stream your content on youtube without any additional hardware, Create your Content-creator account in youtube and start streaming being Live.

Screen Sharing:

Pent Eye supports Desktop Screen sharing by Host. Capabilities Include Single specific Application window sharing or whole Desktop sharing. Pent Eye also support Remotely control other Participants Desktops.