Product Details

Finance & Banking Industry

Vintula has been Implemented as SMB Solutions in many Reputed Financial & Banking Institutions, our Solution has helped client to increase their revenue upto 28% & our revenue-model for Vintula has been widely praised & accepted.

Insurance Sector

Vintula works well as a Integrational Module for any existing system under Insurance sector, It is as effective as a Enterprise ERP application & delivers equal performance at affordable pricing

Government & PSUs

We have been working with some of the Government organization in India to implement Vintula to their existing system & currently its been used as a test instance in some of the PSUs & we are sure in a short time, we will have the system running live

SMB Solutions

We have worked Vintula with many various Industry standard models & it has proved very effective, you can login to our Download section & view some of the proto-type before making a choice