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Product Details

Redundancy & Fail-over Support:

Spectra Plus Support Multiple WAN which means Redundancy is maintained on your network. Second WAN is invoked as soon as the firewall detects a failure in First WAN Network, thus keeping your network intact.

GUI & Shell Access:

Spectra series Firewall supports Graphical user Interface for easy configuration & administration of Firewall along with Shell Access for advanced users.

1. Real-time Management of Hardware, OS, Firewall Rules, users & Logs

2. MRTG Graphs measuring day-to-day usage of Bandwidth, connection & Proxy logs

3. Traffic Shaping, Load Balancing & Quality of Service

4. State of the Art Firewall with Packet Sniffer using digital signatures to detect malicious packets

5. VPN to connect two or more Network together

Network Address Translation (NAT):

Spectra plus supports 1:1 NAT for Individual IPs (or) entire subnet, Outbound NAT, NAT Reflection & Port Forwarding including range (or) Multiple Public IPs