Product Details

Hospitals & Clinics

Right from In-Patient & Out-Patient Record management to Reports & Billing, Vintula has been very effective ERP for any Hospital, It is also capable of integrating itself with most of Hospital's 3rd party existing applications

Diagnostic Centers & Labs

Vintula can be used as a suitable solution for a in-house Lab for any hospital to manage Patient's records & reports (or) as external Diagnostic center which operate independently. The Main advantage of Vintula for small organizations is affordability & ERP classification in to modules let client select & pay for the only required module to be used

Medical Devices

We had been experimenting over the past couple of years with some of the medical devices in the healthcare industry & its integration with our Vintula ERP, These devices are now officially recognized in the market & are government certified. Vintula integrates with many such various medical devices to assist, manage & monitor Patient's vital organs

Ambulance Services

Our Ready-to-go Vehicle Tracking system Model lets you get in control of all the ambulances operating under hospital, Vintula Integration quickly lets you access & manage GPS Receivers remotely connected to the cloud network & enabling you to administer all resources.