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Pentosys Solutions Helps you create strategic differentiation and operational superiority by configuring and implementing a CRM solution aligned with the elements of your competitive strategy. While our CRM strategy and roadmap work in tandem with yours, you will be backed by detailed CRM value assessments; this therefore forms the basis for the implementation of exceptional CRM capability. We have service offerings tailored to technology and process maturity of your customer interactions. Our CRM consulting arm leverages deep technical and industry knowledge. Our CRM solutions help you continually gather information about prospects and customers, products and services, and support the marketing with Integrated Services and Solutions.

Our services span all major CRM packages:
  • Siebel
  • Oracle CRM
  • PeopleSoft CRM
  • mySAP
  • Vantive
  • Microsoft CRM
  • Amdocs Clarify
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