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Customer-centric BPO
Pentosys Solutions extends its customer-centric philosophy to its organization structure, reflecting our clients' thought cycle as they progress through their BPO initiative. See our Client-Centric Methodology.

Our Relationship Managers are consultants and industry professionals with strong consultative skills to help clients evaluate the offshoring initiative.

Product management draws on senior industry resources to draft a road map for an optimal long-term offshoring strategy.

Transition managers combine strong consulting, operations and technology skills to ensure the smooth migration of processes.

Operating teams are led by managers with significant experience in managing operations in our clients industry, supported by qualified, motivated and innovative process executives.

The Chief Risk Officer ensures compliance with appropriate control and regulatory environment to help mitigate customer risk.
The organization is supported by quality consultants, finance & administration professionals, technology resources and people management to ensure uniform, effective and productive delivery.
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