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Shopping Cart System:  An Online Internet Application for Product (or) Service Display for any 3rd Party Company, their Payment System, Online Client Management and it also has Client and Admin Control Panel.
Job Consultancy: Job Consultancy Software which is used to act as a Medium in most of the activities like sort listing, candidate selection, resume poster, job vacancy lister, payment system and lots of such activities in a Job Portal Company
E-Book Application: An Online Internet Application which is used to collect and retrieve E-books on the Internet with Custom Branding
Customer Database Management System: An Internet Based Application used to store Corporate (or) Huge Enterprise Client base on a Remote Machine which acts a Source for Local Customers in Data Retrieval and Upload.
Courier Software:  An Internet application which is Installed on a Remote Server connecting to Local Machines of the Company on Different Branches for use of Data Communication and Interchange. The key feature includes Real-time Product (Goods) Tracking, Built-in Status Notifier, Client Management and more...
Product Management: An Internet Application which allows user to Customize and display their Product via an Administration Interface on their Portal (or) Website and a User-Friendly GUI for End- User (Control Panel) to Select and place order of their Products.

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