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Inventory Management: A Fully Customizable Inventory Management System for any Industry and is Platform Independent. The Powerful Application acts as Network Oriented Software which can be simultaneously used by more than one person by different department at one time.
Helpdesk Software: Multifunctional Customer support Software featuring Random (or) Sequent Trouble Ticket Generation, Client ID and Client Management, Built in Knowledge base for Operator and other such features.
Softron (Documentation Software): A Desktop Application which provides full documentation of Various Web Hosting Control Panel available at today's Market with Custom Branding.
CRM for Call Center: Call Center CRM system which carries out A-Z tasks in a call center environment better than ever before, the software acts as Support System, Information system, Client Access System and Database Management System for both Inbound and Outbound Call Centers.
Courier Software:  An application which acts as a Desktop Interface which connects to the Server Software of its own courier application which does data Interaction and do the purpose of the customer effectively. This Module is used for Courier Branch Offices to connect to main server for further data information.
Billings System: A Desktop Application Built using VB.NET and C++ architecture allows user to do most of his billing related task for any corporate or enterprise company much more easily than an old system. The Billing Software Runs on any Windows Machine with any configuration more stable than others.
Travel Software: An Application suitable for any Travel Company or Travel agents, the key features are Online Registration Tracking system via desktop interface, booking list, client management, Staff and Admin Access and more...

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